COOG2 – A multi-center, collaborative study adding PRAME to the existing 12-gene expression classifier, DecisionDx-UM, to determine the prognostic accuracy of identifying Class 1 tumors with intermediately elevated metastatic risk

To determine the prognostic value of PRAME as an addition to the DecisionDx-UM prognostic test and to evaluate the relationships between PRAME and the common driver mutations in UM (BAP1, GNAQ/11, SF3B1 and EIF1AX), and assess the association with DecisionDx-UM testing, clinicopathologic features, and patient outcomes. Note: UM can be stratified into Class 1 (low metastatic risk) and Class 2 (high metastatic risk) using a prospectively validate 12-gene expression profile (GEP) molecular prognostication classifier called DecisionDx-UM).